Hello and thanks for checking out my website!

I crank out socks. Lots and lots of squishy, colorful, snuggly socks. Tall socks, cuffed socks, short socks, even socks that hide inside shoes so they can't be seen (hmm...secret socks?). Socks made from wool, bamboo, even a little silk, in every color of the rainbow and then some. Oh yes, I make socks.


I began my fiber journey in earnest as a quilter but a weaving loom practically fell into my lap and I became a weaver. Since fiber is certainly addictive, I moved on to spinning and especially loved drafting alpaca and llama. Then, while shopping at a fiber festival, my eyes caught sight of the most scrumptious pair of blue, pink, and lavender socks wrapped around the ankles of a fellow shopper. Now I had to learn to knit.



A year later, following sock knitting classes, and about a hundred or so consultations with my mom (she now dreads seeing me approach her if I'm holding needles and yarn),  my very first pair of hand-knitted socks were complete...alternating wide stripes of red and white. I happily think of them as my Cat-in-the-Hat socks and I still proudly wear them to work (I'm a special education teacher by day).

But, one pair a year is a horribly slow way to build up a supply of warm, comfy, fun to look at socks. I did manage to get a few pairs done over the next several  years but then I saw my future during a demonstration at my monthly guild meeting.  A circular sock machine. It could knit yarn fast - so much faster than my grueling hand knitting could ever hope for! I couldn't stop thinking about that machine and eventually I had a brand new one sitting in front of me.  Now quilting, weaving, spinning, Kumihimo, and Viking Knitting all take a back seat, hoping for me to tire of my sock machine. Not likely to happen

By the way, my circular sock machine is the Speedster model from Earlbacher Gearhart. I call her Ruby and together we happily crank out socks.